Port Tour

The port tour is an optional add-on for registered delegates and their partners. This is the evolved offering of the partner’s daytime tour from past CCC conventions and is an opportunity to take advantage of being in our host city and making agricultural connections.

Note: This tour overlaps with planned meetings for the boards of Canola Council and Soy Canada. If you anticipate being a part of those meetings, you will be unable to attend this tour.

Tuesday, March 5, 12:00 – 3:00 pm

This half-day tour of the Port of Montreal includes:

  • A introduction from the Montreal Port Authority which includes lunch
  • A bus tour of the 20 km long-port facilities, including a brief stop at the CanEst plant and at one of the four international container terminals.
  • A walking tour of Viterra’s facilities (safety equipment will be provided – bring comfortable walking shoes).

Cost: $0 – advance registration is required – contact Crystal Klippenstein if you’ve already registered and want to add or remove the tour from your itinerary.

If minimum attendance numbers aren’t met, activity details may change or the tour may be cancelled .