SHAWN KANUNGO: Be bold, be brave, be experimental: why build a culture of experimentation

General Partner, Queen & Rook Capital

We can only keep up if we foster a relentless culture that promotes human-centered design and rapid experimentation. This is our only competitive advantage.

KYLE JEWORSKI: Shaping the future of Canada’s ag industry: Leading change through innovation, collaboration and education

President and CEO, Viterra

A look into leading a Canadian business.

ARMANDO ROSALES: Export Customers Panel

Director of Commodity Purchasing, Bunge Mexico

A panel of export customers provide their perspectives.

FRANCES DONALD: Global Economic Outlook

Head of Macroeconomic Strategy, Manulife Asset Management

An updated outlook on the forces shaping global economics.

CHOIR! CHOIR! CHOIR!: Building Community

International Singing Phenomenon

Sharing the choir’s story, delving into how being open can lead to great achievements.

CHUCK PENNER: Local Supply and Demand

Founder, LeftField Commodity Research

A local look at supply and demand for Canadian crops.

EMILY FRENCH: Global Supply and Demand

Founder and Managing Director, ConsiliAgra

An international look at supply and demand for Canadian crops.

CHANTAL HEBERT: Current Affairs

National Affairs writer, Toronto Star

What’s making news across the country and how political developments are impacting Canadians.


Brand expert & entreprenuer; Former creative director, Montreal Canadiens

How to move from surviving to thriving in a world that keeps on challenging the status quo.


More names will be announced soon.